“Direct messaging options have proliferated for marketers, expanding from traditional mail and telemarketing to now include myriad digital channels like email, social media, SMS, and mobile app push notifications.”
“The New Messaging Mandate” Forrester 2012

of marketers say email’s ROI leads to increased budgets

of marketers believe email is core to their business

of marketers intend to maintain or increase their email budgets in 2015


Digital messaging presents agencies with unique challenges.

of email marketing teams are three or fewer people

of marketing emails have faulty links

of marketing emails don’t get delivered


Our mission is to help Omnicom agencies address the challenges and seize the opportunities of digital messaging. We do this by providing best in class channel and platform expertise in digital messaging to help Omnicom agencies deliver world-class email and digital messaging programs as part of their complete client solution.

We partner with client agencies to deliver platform and channel strategy, training, support and execution. Our innovative and strategic thinking allows us to work collaboratively with clients and partners to optimize and enhance the customer experience with integrated digital messaging solutions.


Email Bootcamp

Email is a workhorse of direct marketing. One of the oldest digital messaging mediums it is still the most effective next to paid search. In this two day bootcamp your employees will learn the keys to effectively integrate email into your cross-channel CRM and direct campaigns. They’ll learn how to design, create, implement, deliver and analyze successful campaigns to delight your clients.

Analytics & Optimization

A successful email marketing program requires clear objectives, analytics and measurement. In this hands on workshop your employees will learn the details of email analytics and measurement. How to establish campaign KPIs, how to gather and document tracking requirements to support KPI reporting. They will also come away with a strong understanding of the standard and not so standard metrics used in email as well as their role and implementation.

Messaging Matrix Development

We will work with your team to develop an email messaging matrix and flow for your client program that builds on the best available practices and integrates with the client’s existing marketing campaigns and objectives. During this interactive session we will develop the messaging matrix and identify automation and cross-channel interaction opportunities.

Deliverability Strategy

Contrary to conventional wisdom most deliverability issues are not sudden calamities that strike out of nowhere. Rather the seeds are sown many weeks even months before the issues actually arise. Identifying the warning signs and taking preemptive action can mean the difference between a major program event and outstanding delivery. Our expert staff will perform a 360° review of your client’s email list, campaign and mailing processes to identify deliverability concerns before they arise.


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Jan 4
Jan 4

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Dec 2

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